Brazillian Goalkeeper Jailed For Feeding Lover’s Body To Dogs

A Brazillian goalkeeper, Bruno Fernandes who had fed his lover to dogs had been reprieved and won’t be released until  2031, serving a total of 20 years instead of the previous 22-years.

Fernandes was sentenced to jail for the murder of his lover in 2010. He had killed his lover and fed her two dogs, hence, being sentenced to 22 years in prison.

However, following an appeal, the panel of judges voted to reduce the prison term by 18 months, from 22 years and three months to 20 years and nine months. The court order was filed in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerias.

The court decision means Bruno, as he is often referred to in Brazil, will be released in 2031.

In 2013 the 32-year-old goalkeeper was convicted of killing his former partner Eliza Samudio, mutilating her body and feeding it to dogs.

He was granted a writ of habeas corpus in February and briefly resumed playing for national Serie B club Boa Esporte before returning to jail in April. Bruno’s career included spells at Atletico Mineiro, Corinthians and Flamengo.

In 2009, he was captain of the Flamengo team that won the Serie A championship.

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