Breakthrough Brexit Deal Agreed After All Night Talks

Breakthrough Brexit deal agreed after all night talks

Prime minister Theresa May has said that there would be no hard border and that the Good Friday agreement will be upheld.

Following a week of tension around the issue of the Irish border, May (pictured) arrived in Brussels this morning.

The European Commission stated that sufficient progress has been made and it will recommend to the European Council that negotiations move to phase two.

Jean Claude Junker said: ‘Today I am hopeful that we are now all moving towards the second phase of these challenging negotiations.’ However, speaking at a press conference, he added that the results are ‘of course a compromise’.

He also stated that it was clear that EU citizens’ rights will be protected and that the UK will honour its financial commitments.

In a statement, the European Commission noted: ‘The Commission is satisfied that sufficient progress has been achieved in each of the three priority areas of citizens’ rights, the dialogue on Ireland / Northern Ireland, and the financial settlement, as set out in the European Council Guidelines of 29 April 2017.

‘It is now for the European Council (Article 50) on 15 December 2017 to decide if sufficient progress has been made, allowing the negotiations to proceed to their second phase.’

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