British Airways Flights Cancelled Leaves Passengers Stranded

snow flights cancelled heathrow airport


Live travel news and updates regarding the recent bad weather which has affected a number of flights at UK airports.

A number of flights were cancelled at Heathrow Airport yesterday due to the recent snow storm.Planes were cancelled or delayed after a bout of bad weather caused delays for thousands of passengers.

British Airways has been hit the worst, cancelling at least 150 British Airways flights. have contacted British Airways for comment.

Other airports have also been affected, with Luton airport also suspending flights, as well as Birmingham, East Midlands and Cardiff.Birmingham Airport’s statement read: “Due to heavy snowfall, we have temporarily suspended flights while we clear the runway.

“Our teams are working hard to get flights in/out as soon as they can.”

Stansted Airport were also affected, but tweeted this morning: “The Airport is open, the runway is fully operational and all flights are anticipated to operate as scheduled.”

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