Bus Crashes Into The Only Building That Survived The Great Fire Of London Of 1666

A bus crashed into what is claimed to be the only building on the Strand to survive the Great Fire of London of 1666.
The listed building, which is now home to The Thai Square at Wig and Pen, was hit by a 341 London bus in the early hours of yesterday morning. The building, which also survived the Blitz, is listed but has sustained serious damage

Haim Danous, the owner of the restaurant, said a rare stained glass window had been smashed and the building was ‘completely’ damaged. Workers sleeping above the restaurant were woken as a result of the collision.

Mr. Danous told the Standard: ‘Some of my staff were there and they said the building shook. I had an email at 4 am and then at 8 am I had calls telling me to come down. ‘I just couldn’t believe it. Maybe it was an act of God, we don’t know what happened with the driver.’ He added: ‘The building was such a quaint and beautiful one, so much history. Thank God we don’t have to demolish it, but there will be expensive work to fix it.’

The restaurant could now be closed for up to four months while repair work takes place. They are offering a 10 percent discount to customers who use an alternative branch at 148 The Strand. A TfL spokesman said there were no injuries and Arriva, the bus operator, is looking into the circumstances.

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