How to Buy New Furniture: 5 Shopping Tips

How to Buy New Furniture: 5 Shopping Tips

You’ve bought a new house and now it’s time to decorate with brand new furniture. But contrary to popular belief, the furniture buying process can be tricky. This is more evident if you haven’t taken into consideration all the factors that impact home d├ęcor aesthetics.

So that’s why we’re here to give you our essential 5 furniture shopping tips. Once you finish reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to look for. With all that said, let’s start.

Measure Your Space

The very first thing you’ll need to do is measure your space. We do this so we know exactly what sort of dimensions to look for. Living room decor comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only that, but the choice of material will also impact the purchasing decision.

So grab your measuring tape and start measuring. Measure the dimensions of the living room, bedroom, and any other room that you plan on decorating.

If you’re buying living room decor, you’ll need to measure the entire room. This will give you enough information on what to get. By measuring your space, you will know the exact distance between the TV and the sitting area. Regardless of how well you might know your space, it’s the small things that make a big impact.

Create A Room Mockup

The single most important reason why you need to measure your space is to create a room mockup. This mockup will be very useful when buying furniture as you’ll know exactly what sort of pieces to look for.

By having a mockup of your room, you can easily arrange the furniture however you like. You will know whether a specific type of furniture will fit your space based on its size. No doubt you’ll want to add specific things such as an ottoman chair. Well, you’ll know exactly if you have the room for one if you look at the mockups.

Look For Quality

Now that we’ve moved past the technical aspects of furniture buying, it’s now time to focus on the individual pieces. Regardless if you’re buying an ottoman, a sofa, a couch, or any other piece, the single most important thing is to focus on quality.

By buying quality, you’re making sure the furniture lasts. Homeowners that purchase low-quality furniture might save a few bucks, but they end up regretting it.

There are a few ways to make sure you’re buying quality. For starters, the base of the furniture has to be made out of wood instead of veneer or particleboard. This will give it sturdy support and prevent it from breaking down. Each furniture piece is built differently, but what you should focus on is making sure that the manufacturers use screws instead of glue and nails. Screws offer much more quality and sturdiness.

Buy At the Right Time

There is a way to buy quality furniture while also saving plenty of money. To do that, you will have to shop at the right time. The best thing about this industry is that you’ll always find discounts on products.

But it is generally agreed that July and January are the best months to go furniture shopping. Why is that? Well because sellers receive new stock in August and February. So naturally, they would want to sell the old stock to make room for the new one.

More so than that, there is also a right time to buy specific furniture. Patio furniture is much cheaper if you buy it between August and September. Regardless, do your due diligence and find out when sellers offer the biggest discounts on specific furniture pieces.

Browse the Internet First

It can be quite tempting to hop in the car and go from salon to salon. No doubt this is something we’ve all done. Salon hopping is quite fun and it gives you a pretty general idea of where to shop.

But it might be better if you went online first. Most furniture sellers have websites. The convenience of websites makes it possible for customers to browse their products before actually going to the salon.

The reason why we do this is all because of convenience. It’s much more convenient to see what a seller has to offer without ending up disappointed. By doing this, you’ll save plenty of time. More so, you’ll look at your options and compare prices. You’ll see ratings and reviews and know exactly if the specific furniture piece is of higher quality.

Finishing Thoughts

The furniture buying process can be quite complex. Considering that we buy furniture to last for years, you should invest a little more of your time to make sure you’re making the correct purchasing decision. From measuring your space to checking a seller’s website, we do all this to prevent a costly mistake. After all, it’s well known that furniture sellers don’t offer refunds.

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