Canada Immigration Website Crashes As Trump Wins

Canada immigration website has reportedly crashed as Americans panic over Donald Trump lead in the on-going Presidential vote count

Many Americans have joked and others declared to move to Canada and beyond if Trump wins the elections.

Earlier this year the site crashed after Donald declared victory on Super Tuesday and Google statistics gave the search Trend as  “How can I move to Canada” according to RT

In New Zealand, immigration officials told Reuters on the eve of the vote that New Zealand Now website, which deals with residency and student visas, had received 1,593 registrations from United States citizens since November 1. This was more than 50 percent of a typical month’s registrations in just seven days.

According to the Telegraph, Americans are searching for how to emigrate and a huge number of internet users online are searching for “end of the World” after Donald Trump started an early lead in the elections.

The US dollar has plunged and the stock market in a disarray due to the mounting evidence that Trump could be the next President of America

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