Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

Al Roker And Lenny Kravitz

al roker and lenny kravits

Rocker and star of the Hunger Games, Lenny Kravitz is the second cousin of Al Roker. Al’s cousin, Lenny’s mom is Roxie Roker who played the next door neighbor Helen on The Jeffersons.

Edie And Kyra Sedgwick

edie sedgwick and kyra

Once Andy Warhol’s superstar, Edie Sedgwick was born into family money and became an actress as well as a model. Her first cousin once removed is Kyra Segwick, actress and producer who is known best for her role in The Closer as well as her marriage to Kevin Bacon. She’s also part of that big Sedgwick money.

Gavin Rossdale And Daisly Lowe

gavin rossdale and daisy lowe

Lead singer for Bush, Gavin Rossdale was minding his own business one day when he was hit with a question. British model Daisy Lowe had found out that the man she once believed was her father, Bronner Handwerger didn’t share her blood type. A DNA test concluded Gavin was her father and they’ve been working on that relationship ever since.

Halle Berry And Sarah Palin

halle berry and sarah palin

In another interesting twist of conditions, Oscar Winner Halle Berry was minding her own business one day when she came across information that she was related to Sarah Palin. She wouldn’t reveal exactly how. But, it appears Ancestry.com is doing a lot of that these days and actually discovered that Sarah Palin and President Obama are related as well.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal

jake and maggie gyllenhall

This is one of those stories where you watch her in Secretary and him in Southpaw and you never think anything of it. Then, you realize they have the same last name. So, you look it up and find out they’re sister and brother. That’s when you realize the whole internet knew and everyone was just waiting for you to catch up.

Jason Sudeikis And George Wendt

jason sudeikis and george wendt

The actor and comedian from Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis has an uncle in the business. When they were seen hanging out, investigations came up that Jason is the nephew of Cheers star George Wendt. Imagine that!

Jenny And Melissa McCarthy

jenny and melissa mccarthy

Jenny has been in the spotlight for years and finally married Donnie of the Wahlberg family. Melissa has been making us laugh since Mike & Molly as well as the many movies she has starred in since coming on the scene. Of course, the two would have to be cousins with all that great sense of humor they share.

Jessica Capshaw And Steven Spielberg

jessica capshaw and steven spielberg

Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw is such a great actress, she has the fans asking many questions. The answers are that she doesn’t really have an amputation, but that she really is pregnant. Another answer to a common question is yes, her stepfather is in fact Steven Spielberg.

Julia And Emma Roberts

julia and emma roberts

Julia has rocked the big screen and has even done some awesome cameos in television shows. Emma was known for her role as Addie in Unfabulous, but went on to be Maggie in American Horror Story as well as Casey in We’re the Millers. It’s obvious she shares her aunt Julia’s skills, which would make her the daughter of Eric Roberts, also a star in his own right.

Kate Middleton, Dakota Fanning, And Elle Fanning

kate middleton, dakota fanning and elle fanning

We all know that Dakota and Elle Fanning are sisters. While fans are questioning Dakota’s star, Elle’s is steadily rising. But, did anyone know they were related to Kate Middleton? They are in the realm of 21st cousins, which means their great great great grandfather was King Edward III, making Dakota and Elle long lost princesses.

Kyra Sedgwick And Kevin Bacon

sedgwick and bacon

Yes, they have been married for many years and it seems to be working. But, they also discovered that they were cousins. That is after they were married and they decided to stick with it. Sedgwick who appears on this list several times is also related to Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. She really shouldn’t be marrying anyone.

Liev And Pablo Schreiber

liev and pablo schreiber

Pablo has been in shows like Weeds and Law and Order. But, he’s now a star on Orange is the New Black. But, he is also the half brother of Liev, the X-Men star who is currently starring in Ray Donovan.

Lily And Alfie Allen

lily and alfie allen

Alfie Allen has been starring in the multiple-season hit show Game of Thrones. Lily Allen’s song “Alfie” isn’t very flattering of the subject who lays around on the couch and needs to get a job. That’s because Lily is a British pop singer and songwriter who wrote that song about her brother, who has since surpassed all her expectations.

Mariel And Dree Hemingway

mariel adn dree hemingway

Earnest Hemingway’s granddaughter has consistently stayed in the spotlight throughout the years. But, Mariel made her name back in the 70s and the 80s with her roles as Kathy in Lipstick and Dorothy in Star 80. Her daughter Dree is following in her footsteps as a model and actress. Also, let’s not forget the late Supermodel and actress Margaux Hemingway, Dree’s aunt.

Melanie Griffith And Dakota Johnson

melanie griffith and dakota johnson

Melanie made her fame with her starring role in Working Girl and went on to make some great movies since. Her daughter Dakota came out fighting strong with her role in Fifty Shades of Grey and then followed that up with another great role in How to Be Single.

Olsen Twins And Elizabeth Olsen

olsen twinsand elizabeth olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley got their start sharing the part of the youngest sister in Full House. They have gone on to build an entire empire while their younger sister, Elizabeth has developed her own resume in Hollywood starring in Silent House, Liberal Arts, Godzilla, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War.

Quincy And Rashida Jones

quincy and rashida jones

Quincy Jones has built an impressive career over the years from being a composer and producer to being a magazine founder and an entertainment company executive. But, that’s not all he accomplished. He also raised Rashida, the beautiful actress from The Office, Parks and Recreation, and who knocked it dead in Angie Tribeca.

Redfoo And Berry Gordy

redfoo and berry gordy

Berry Gordy is the infamous founder of the Motown record label. That’s his son from the American electronic dance music duo LMFAO, Redfoo with his nephew SkyBlu.

Ron Howard And Bryce Dallas Howard

ron howard and bryce dallas howard

Ron grew up in front of the camera when he starred in The Andy Griffith Show and then later in Happy Days when it finally aired while he was in his 20s. His daughter Bryce has struggled through her own career from the time she played the “Redheaded Audience Girl” in her dad’s movie Parenthood. Most recently, she landed Claire in Jurassic Worldand Grace in Pete’s Dragon.

Shirley MacLaine And Warren Beatty

shirley maclaine and warren beatty

Shirley MacLaine has enjoyed an outstanding career in Hollywood with her roles in Downton Abbey and Shirley’s World as well as Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias. Her younger brother Warren has also rocked Hollywood with roles in Dick Tracy and Heaven Can Wait among many other roles he has had. They are both Oscar-winners in the industry.

Snoop And Brandy

snoop and brandy

Brandy is a singer and songwriter who has gone on to become a record producer and is even an actress. Most notably she was Moesha in the hit by that same name. So, who is she related to? Snoop Dogg is her cousin. Now, how’s that for family in the industry?

Sofia Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Nicolas Cage

sofia coppola, jason schwartzman, nicolas cage

Starting with the union of Carmine Coppola and Italia Pennino, Francis Ford Coppola, Talia Rose Coppola, and August Floyd Coppola are sibling parents of the three Hollywood icons. Sofia received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation. Jason is known for Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. And everyone knows Nicolas Cage from great movies like Face/Off, Con Air, and Leaving Las Vegas.

Taryn Manning And The Manning Brothers

taryn manning and manning brothers

The Manning brothers have been dominating football for years. Their father Archie taught them right and Peyton and Eli followed in his footsteps. So, it wasn’t going to be hard for little cousin Taryn Manning to get noticed for great roles in such works as 8 Mile, Crossroads, and Orange is the New Black.

Tom Cruise And William Mapother

tom cruise and william mapother

William Mapother has played in plenty of roles, but you might know him as Ethan Rom from Lost. But, what some people don’t know is that he has a famous relative. The A-Lister Tom Cruise is his cousin.

Tom Hanks And Colin Hanks

tom hanks and colin hanks

Colin Hanks has made his own name in the industry with roles in Orange County and the television series The Good Guys. But, look closely at him. Can you see the resemblance between him and his dad, Tom Hanks?

Zoey And Emily Deschanel

zoey and emily deschanel

Watching the quirky Zoey star in role after role and then land the lead role in New Girl has been quite the ride. So, imagine how awesome it was when her sister Emily came on the seen in Bones. Learning that they were sisters was the next big surprise the internet was just waiting for fans to realize.

Zoey Deutch And Lea Thompson

zoey deutch and lea thompson

Most people remember Lea from Back to the Future, but she’s been in other major works such as Some Kind of Wonderful as well as All the Right Moves. Her beautiful daughter is following in her footsteps with roles in Vampire Academy, Beautiful Creatures, and more recently Everybody Wants Some!!.

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