Check This Out: Father Takes His Son To School In A Helicopter After He Woke Up Late (photo)

Whereas in some places pupils go to school barefooted, this Ukraine kid was very lucky to be taking a flight to school. Not even his teachers enjoyed such a privilege.The fact that he was late for classes but went without being punished is entirely another matter.

 boy running
This boy was flown to school in a chopper

The boy’s loving father allegedly opted to take his son to school in a chopper after he woke up very late for his classes.

A Robbinson R22 Beta was seen landing outside the school in the elite Lipky district of Kiev, the capital. Amazed passersby took snapshots and videos of the rare episode as the young lad leaped out of the chopper, his shirt untacked. He then dashed to a car park and straight into his class where lessons were already on.

Clip of the incident quickly found its way to the internet where folks expressed different views. Whereas some criticised the father for spoiling the kid, others found nothing wrong with it.

“All we can hope is that such people get a proper judgement one day. Only this way will humanity have a shot of getting stabilised again,” Anna Melenchuk said.

“Don’t be jealous. Why would you bother with that? It is great when people are able to afford such things.,” Artyon Ulibin’ fired back.

Another group completely refused to believe that it was true.They claimed the footage of the helicopter could be a movie stunt.

However, it has since merged that the boy is the son of Andrey Palchevskii, Ukraine’s former Deputy Minister of Sports.

The ex-minister is yet to comment of the matter.

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