Chihuahua Lupita had a quinceañera at 15 Year-old

This is an average dog birthday party, Lupita celebrated her 15th birthday party with unforgettable quinceañera bash by Miranda Sanchez. Owner Miranda Sanchez who lives in Texas plan to celebrate 15- year-old lupita perfect, “All the girl dogs were dressed up in little dresses, it was adorable,” said Sanchez. “Lupita was really proud of her”, Sanchez decorated her grandmother’s backyard for the party with silver streamers, twinkly lights and lots of glitter.”I thought it would be a good excuse to get my family and friends together and have drinks and a good time,” she said.
According to Miranda Sanchez; “I figured that she’s almost 15 in dog years,” Sanchez told TODAY Pets with a laugh. “I had seen dog quinceañeras before and I thought they were so cute, plus, Lupita is a Mexican dog so I thought, ‘How cute!'” She said. Lupita Conchita’s quinceañera with Latin roots meant to celebrate a girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Lupta had about 20 human guest and seven dogs.

And also she said she rescued Lupita when she was only 2 weeks old and likely faced abuse from her previous owners, according to the veterinarians who later cared for her. “I saw Lupita in the road and I was kind of just waiting for her to move,” said Sanchez. “But then I opened my door and she was standing right there and her eyes were so cute. I knew I had to take her in.”

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