Childhood Sweethearts Marry 75 Years After They First Met

Forget The Notebook, this real life Allie and Noah are the new relationship goals.

Childhood sweethearts George Coffin and Irene Lanning, both 89, fell for each other when they were teenagers who lived just 200 yards apart.

Like any good romance novel, they were 14 and in love, but eventually drifted apart.

After George called time on their puppy love, the two, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, moved on with different partners.

It was after the funeral of a mutual friend that the former couple reunited, wasting no time to rekindle their romance over a cup of tea.

Who said a bit of tea can’t solve any problem?

The icing on the wedding cake is, you guessed it, George asked Irene to marry him within six months of reuniting.

The granddad of eight didn’t want to waste any time and let his soulmate go again.

George, a retired production engineer, said: ‘We are very happy to have found each other again. It’s lovely to have Irene here with me. We can look after each other, and we have so much to catch up on.

‘It’s been a rollercoaster ride, and I asked her to marry me very quickly. But at our age, you can’t afford to hang around.’

Irene said: ‘He’s still as handsome as he ever was, and we get on like a house on fire.

‘His hair might be white now, but he has the same smile and sense of humour that I loved when we were younger.

‘I never thought we would end up getting married. It’s a fairy tale really.

‘It’s ironic that we rekindled the magic after a friend’s funeral but these sorts of stories often happen in funny ways.’

George and Irene first began dating when they’d first left school. George was working at his dad’s radio and shop and used to help Irene’s parents with their wireless.

Childhood sweethearts marry 75 years after they first met

Their romance began in 1942 – at the time of World War II – when they were able to enjoy their youth, cycling together and spending time in George’s yard where he would fix the radio and she would knit.

Irene also got married in their separated years, with four grandkids of her own.

Both of their families are thrilled for the couple and have been supportive of their plans to marry.

Those who had a childhood sweetheart, it might not be too late to get in touch over a cup of tea – who knows what could happen?

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