21 Photos of WWE Stars Before They Found Fame

1 – Randy Savage


The Macho Man Randy Savage has always been one of our favourites, but we cannot believe the difference in him from before he was famous! Could this clean cut high school senior really be the late Randy Savage? What a big change!

2 – Ryback


Ryback is one of those guys who you just cannot believe his size! He has come a long way in WWE since entering Tough Enough as plain old Skip Schofield. Back in the days before he was a WWE star he was still a massive guy, but he looks a little different with that mop of blond hair and a clean shaven face!

3 – The Bella Twins


The Bella Twins have been ruling the Divas Division of WWE for some time now, based more on their looks and choice of husbands/boyfriends (Daniel Bryan and John Cena) than on their wrestling talent. This early shot of the girls before they hit the big time shows that they have always been a pair of cuties!

4 – Vince McMahon


It is easy to see who this young man is – none other than the boss himself Vince McMahon! He actually looks exactly the same as he does now! There is no mistaking who he is!

5 – The Undertaker


We are going to be real brave here and say that The Undertaker looks like a real dork in his school picture! Not that we would ever tell him that to his face! You can definitely see it in the eyes that this is the deadman himself.

6 – Rikishi


We were pretty shocked when we saw this picture of a young Rikishi. He looks considerably thinner than in his WWE days and can we talk about that Afro for a second? Talk about funky!

7 – Mick Foley


We looked at this picture for a fairly long time asking ourselves why he looked so familiar. Then we saw it in the smile. This fresh faced young man is none other than the hardcore legend himself Mr Mick Foley! His dress sense hasn’t changed much!

8 – Kurt Angle


No mistaking who this young man is! This is Kurt Angle before he found fame in WWE. In fact, this is even before he became a gold medal winning olympian! Do you remember the days when he still had hair? We will never forget that wig he tried to pull off after losing a hair match with edge – insisting it grew back overnight as it was olympic hair!

9 – Hulk Hogan


This guy here is none other than the man who single handedly relaunched wrestling into the mainstream – Hollywood Hulk Hogan! Terry Boella sure looks different with that hairstyle, don’t you think?

10 – Kevin Nash


Would you get a load of Big Daddy Kevin Nash? Nash doesn’t do too much wrestling these days; he’s far too busy shaking his thang as a stripper in the Magic Mike movies! Wasn’t he a handsome teenager?

11 – Roman Reigns


Before finding fame in WWE, Roman Reigns was actually a football player. He hasn’t really changed all that much – maybe added a little extra bulk, but otherwise he is still the same guy!

12 – Seth Rollins


The same cannot be said for his former Shield mate Seth Rollins. The Seth Rollins in this school snapshot is very different from current WWE champion Seth Rollins!

13 – Sable


Talk about a transformation! Believe it or not, that pretty brunette schoolgirl is none other than former WWE Diva and current Mrs Brock Lesnar Sable. Sable is considered by many to be the original Diva. She has totally transformed herself from head to toe since high school as is evident in this then and now photo!

14 – AJ Lee


While Sable may have undergone a huge transformation, one diva who certainly didn’t is AJ Lee! She obviously knows the secrets of eternal youth because she looks exactly the same as her high school photo! We always said that the petite diva looked like a teenager!

15 – The Rock


Is it just us or does Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson actually look younger now than he did back in the day? Seriously dude, what is that mustache all about?

16 – Goldberg


Bill Goldberg certainly did not look as mean and tough back in high school! The one man wrecking ball has always taken on all comers, but in this picture of a younger Goldberg he looks far more mild mannered. The kind of boy you would take home to meet your mamma!

17 – Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy has earned himself legions of fans with his enigmatic style and death defying moves. However, back in the school yard he was kind of dorky looking! We almost feel like he might be channeling Vanilla Ice with his look back in the day!

18 – Stephanie McMahon


If Vince McMahon  is king of wrestling, then daughter Stephanie is the Princess. In fact, during her stint as a diva she was known as the billion dollar princess! She has grown up in the wrestling industry. Take a look at a young stephanie hanging out with Andre the Giant!

19 – Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho is one of the ultimate superstars in WWE. Time and time again he has made a return to the industry and been welcomed with open arms! Here he is graduating high school in his native Canada sporting that trademark cheeky grin!

20 – Rey Mysterio Jr


Ever wondered what Rey Mysterio Jr looks like beyond the mask? He never shows his face in public, so the closest we can get is this childhood snap from when he was still plain old Oscar Gutiérrez!

21 – Lita


Lita was one of the Divas who revolutionized the sport of wrestling for the girls. She had a cool, edgy style, hung out with The Hardy Boyz and wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the ring with male and female competitors. She was one of the most loved divas in WWE history until she broke the heart of real life long term boyfriend Matt Hardy by cheating on him with his bestie Edge. Her image never recovered, but here she is looking like butter wouldn’t melt as a young girl.

22. Steve Austin

22. Steve Austin

We all recognize him as the bald and hard-hitting WWE wrestler with all his ridiculous antics. What most people don’t know, though, is that Austin began his career hopping from WCW and ECW until he found his way into WWE. And back in the days, he had a long blond hair.

23. Triple H

23. Triple H

There’s no stopping Triple H from ruling the WWE Empire. But even before he had a shot in the arena and became the boss of the showground, Triple H was a pro in bodybuilding competitions and was even named as Teenage Mr. New Hampshire in 1988.

24. Mark Henry

24. Mark Henry

Yes, you’re reading it right. Sexual Chocolate indeed sounds really nasty, but whatever. Mark Henry may have a pretty good start in WWE, but he never really satisfied the expectations of McMahon and the rest of the team.

25. Paige

25. Paige

Paige came from a family of wrestlers. And even though British wrestlers coming into the WWE ring is a rarity, Paige proved to be different. She broke the tradition and took WWE by storm and was even hailed as the youngest two-time Divas Champion in history.

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