Chinese Woman Trying To Commit Suicide Jumps From 18-Storey Building Only For This Thing To Happen [Photos]

The Chinese woman before she jumped from the 18-storey building

A suicidal woman has survived after plunging 18 storeys down a high-rise building in eastern China, Dailymail reported.

The woman said to be 21-year-old, from Shandong Province, was saved after landing on an air cushion. After the shocking incident, she was taken to the hospital by paramedics and sustained facial injuries.

Qilu Evening Post revealed that the woman was spotted standing dangerously on a ledge of a residential building on July 15 in the city of Liaocheng. Police were called to the scene to save the woman on the 17th floor.

Officers spent an hour trying to talk down the young woman. However, she chose to jump off the building. A video clip of the incident appeared on social media with people feeling for the woman.

The strong landing force caused the air cushion to flip in the air. The woman was reported to have blood on her face after the landing. She was taken to the Liaocheng People’s Hospital. She sustained injuries on her face.

The police are yet to reveal the motive of the woman’s suicide attempt. The case is being investigated.

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