CNN’s interview with Olajumoke, the ‘bread-seller’ turned model [WATCH]

Basking in the glow of her new fame and new life,Olajumoke, the ‘bread-seller’ turned model is enjoying massive media exposure locally and internationally, the latest being the international news network, CNN.
Olajumoke cnn

According to CNN, renowned Nigerian photographer TY Bello is behind the change in Jumoke’s fortunes. TY was photographing UK popstar Tinie Tempah when Jumoke walked into shot.

‘She seemed a little confused,’ says Bello. ‘Some people were asking her to walk past really quickly, others were asking her to stay, she was just in limbo. I said ‘is it ok to take your photograph?’ And she nodded ok’.

A teary-eyed Olajumoke said she never expected her fortunes to turn around like this, ‘I never expected that this could ever happen to me. My friends have told me they saw me on TV and they are really happy. My parents cannot believe their own child can become such a success. They are all so happy’, she said.

To watch the interview, click HERE

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