Comedian Jack Whitehall Hospitalised With Dislocated Rib After Training With Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

The pair are starring together in Disney’s forthcoming movie Jungle Cruise, but funnyman Whitehall was left red-faced when he injured himself training with The Rock.

Comedian Jack Whitehall isn’t known for his sporting prowess, but that didn’t stop him getting in the gym with ex-wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t such a good idea.

According to Jack’s social media, he saw the musclebound superstar pumping iron and decided to get in on the act.

But 20 minutes into a stint on an exercise bike and he dislocated a rib, ending up in hospital in Kauai, Hawaii, The Sun reports. Imagine the look on Johnson’s face when he found out.

Taking to Instagram, Whitehall posted an image showing The Rock lifting weights, while he lay on a massage table awaiting treatment.

‘So billy big balls @therock is in his gym pumping copious amounts of Iron for fun,’ he wrote in the caption.

‘I pop on an exercise bike for twenty minutes and end up in Hospital with a dislocated rib. Doctor asked if I was in an unnatural position.’

He added: ‘Indeed – the TV monitor had the movie 50 First Dates on and I was craning forward to read the subtitles. X-Ray, two shots, trip to a chiropractor and a sports massage later and it looks like I will survive.’

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