This Is Cool!! 300,000 Camels Compete In Beauty Pageant To Win 31 MILLION Dollars (Photo,Video)

Women, men, dogs and cats all have their beauty pageant, so why not camels as well? It turns out that in effect they do have a competition, in which the most beautiful one gets crowned and earns around thirty million U.S. dollars –or at least its owner does!

The event, called King Abdulaziz Camels Festival, is done in Saudi Arabia and features around 300,000 camels.

There are whole strict set of rules for these “untouched natural beauties” to compete, and the most beautiful ones are considered to be those with curly hair, perky ears, a regal bump and large lashes –not unlike some female pageants!

There are five categories, which divide the camels into diverse breeds and colors. Judges assess the size of the camel’s head, if their lips cover the teeth, how long is its neck, among other features. The winners are set at very high prices in the ever-increasing market for these animals.

The Festival is accompanied by entertainment, which include songs, feasts, poetry sessions, and it lasts one month. The upcoming 2017 edition is running from March 19 to April 15, which have attracted around two million people from all over the world.

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