Cops Were Being Harassed after Responding to Apartment Fight ‘Get the f–k out my building’

Authorities said on Sunday Cops were harassed after responding to a Bronx apartment building hurling obscenities at NYPD cops responding to a 911 call of a fight there. A man holding the camera repeatedly barks at the officers as they walk down the stairs at the building on Westchester Avenue near East 158th Street in the Woodstock neighborhood, Suspected shooter who fired on crowd in Far Rockaway charged
“Suck my d–k! Suck my d–k!” the man adds, Another man shouts as the officers continue to walk down the stairs, “Get the f–k out my building!”. The cops, who are neighborhood-coordination officers, were at the building Aug. 8 at about 10:30 a.m. after a woman called to report a fight among teenagers who were hanging out with her son in their apartment.

According to New York Post, When the cops got there, the woman said the fight was over and she no longer wanted the teens to leave, authorities said. Cops determined no crime had been committed and left, only to be harassed in the hallway on the way out.A police source told The Post that the cops could have arrested the punks or at least issued them a summons for harassment or disorderly conduct, but said the officers had to take the abuse because of how city police are trained right now. “Who wants to be talked to like that?” the source asked. “It’s because they way they’re teaching you now. You gotta hold hands with the perps.” But “sometimes you gotta put the neighborhood constable aside and be a police officer.”

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