Countries That Have Some Sexy Police Women

when you say the word police officer the first thing your mind jumps to is a male. However, there are plenty of talented and courageous police woman. Being a cop is no longer just a job for the men in the world, and in our opinion women look a lot better in that uniform. Here are some pictures from the different police women in different countries, enjoy!


Two Austrian women officers in uniform are pictured side by side. The women appear to be taking a break from the grind. The sleeves are rolled as they appear deep in conversation. They seem to be relaxed and ready for anything the day brings.


I tip my hat to you! An Israeli policewoman is pictured here in a light blue collared shirt and police hat. She smugly embraces the camera. Her personality shines in this photo.


Three policewoman are caught in action on the streets of Pakistan. The officers are dressed in dark sweaters, long, dark skirts and their customary hijab in a bright blue. Their weapons are brandished as they push through the street. They appear to be protecting the crowd of people.


Keeping it classic in black and white attire. An English police officer is featured here as she keeps careful watch. She appears alert and prepared to protect the citizens. A walkie talkie is the only accessory that is visible.


The many policewoman of Chile. Various female officers line up behind one another. Their hair is slicked back, as they rest their hands on their weaponry. They are definitely alert and ready for action.


A Jordan policewoman looks calm, cool, and collected in this photo. Instead of the customary hat, sunglasses sit on top of her head as she smiles demurely. Her uniform however, is traditional blue. Although this officer sports a hijab, she also wears lipstick and earrings.


Hitting the streets in China. Who says you can’t uphold the law and look great at the same time? Wearing a traditional navy jacket and hat, this policewoman looks ever so polished and prim. The decorated officer takes a break to pose.

Dominican Republic

In this picture a Dominican policewoman smiles at the camera. Her uniform most closely resembles that of an American policewoman. Dark, navy pants, a collared button down shirt and a hat is the extent of her uniform. Interestingly enough, she does not appear to be carrying any weapons.

South Korea

A close-up of a stoic Korean policewoman. In contrast to their Japanese counterparts, the officers’ uniform is much more modest. In fact, the button down shirt and hat and vest combinations as a distinct intention. The Koreans have adopted is one of the most traditional uniform options across the globe.


A Norwegian female officer gives us some face time in this picture. She seems to be on patrol at a crowded, outdoor event. Spectators can be seen nearby, patriotically holding Norwegian flags. The photo captures a day in the life.


A compelling image of female officers in India. Numerous policewoman are caught off-guard in this candid shot. Each woman seems to express a different emotion. It appears as though they are in a state of concern.


A Swedish policewoman gazes up at the camera. It appears as if she is attending an induction ceremony. A red rose is pinned to her lapel. The Swedish officers’ uniform consists of the traditional blue collared shirt, tie and hat.

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