Couple Who Went Missing 12 Years Ago, Found Dead In Their Car At The Bottom Of A River

A young couple who went missing 12 years ago have been found dead at the bottom of the river.

The young couple, Ilya Zhirnov, 25, and his girlfriend Kira Cherkasova, 22 were reported to have gone missing since December 2005 without trace.

However, more than 10 years later, the couple have been found dead at the bottom of river Volga located in Cheboksary, in central Russia.

The documents of the car which was retrieved from below the river showed that the car belonged to the couple.

The car was reported to belong to Mr Zhirnov’s father, he reportedly borrowed it to pick up his young bride, Miss Cherkasova from work.

The car was found after a local diving enthusiast reported the discovery to the police.

The police swung into action and winched car out of the river.

However, preliminary suggestions as to the cause of death of the lovers who ended up below the river has been pegged as an accident which may have occured on the icy roads.

Police are however looking into the case.

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