Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Girlfriend Worked As A Maid?!

Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez was reportedly working as a nanny in the UK less than a year before meeting the Ronaldo.

According to the Sun, the 22-year-old posted an ad looking for work in October 2015 on the East Dulwich Forum in South London.

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Georgina Rodriguez

In the ad, Rodriguez said she was living in Bristol at the time and “will have no problem helping out on the housework”.

The ad was basically for the position of a nanny but Rodriguez has no problems doing house work as a maid.

She posted: “I am currently living in Bristol, UK with my host family, looking after their twin daughters. It has been a very nice experience for me considering it was my first time as au pair.

“My host family is moving to another country and I look forward to find another great family to be part of and share good memories!

“My English is basic, but I would do my best effort to catch up as soon as possible. I consider myself a smart girl, and I am sure that I will be able to communicate easily in a couple of months.

“Additionally, I have no problem with helping out on the housework.”

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend worked as a maid in England

Ronaldo and his girlfriend go out for a date

She posted in October 2015 and states a preferred start date of January 2016 – just months before she started a relationship with Ronaldo.

When the Spanish beauty met Ronaldo, she worked as shop assistant at a Gucci store in Madrid and had previously worked as a cocktail waitress at an exclusive bar called Sansanet in the city of Jaca where is origininally from.

Ronaldo, 32, first met lady in the VIP area of a Dolce & Gabbana event and has since started a romantic relationship with her.

After becoming Ronaldo’s girl, Rodriguez began pursuing a career as a model.

Ronaldo’s long list of glamorous ex-girlfriends include Russian Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk and former Miss Spain Desirée Cordero Ferrer.

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