Dad’s Reaction To Wife’s New Hairstyle Warms The Internet’s Heart

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People have been moved by a doting husband’s reaction to his wife’s drastic hairstyle change.

Twitter user @PraizeKirkwood shared a video capturing the moment her dad saw her mum’s new haircut for the first time.

In the clip, we see the man facing the other way, eagerly awaiting his wife’s new look. She comes in, he turns around, and his reaction couldn’t be better.

Apparently, the mum was a little worried about how her spouse would react. Going from dreadlocks to a shaved head is a big changes.

Fortunately, Praize’s dad said she looked beautiful – “like a movie star”.






The footage has been melting hearts.

So after 20 years of growing her dreads my mom wanted to cut off her hair. She wasn’t sure how my dad would react tho….but this is how he did.

This is sooo cute! It’s so empowering seeing women embrace their beauty! I have such an attachment to my hair seeing things like this is inspiring honestly! Especially seeing the positive feedback from your dad!!! This video is so darling I’m so glad you shared!!!

Your mom sense of style is just . Its show just how confident and comfortable she is in her own skin. And by the way, she is gorgeous ❤️

Obviously, people were keen to see what Praize’s mum looked like before.

Here she is:

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