This Dating App Only Lets You Match With One Person At A Time

This dating app only lets you match with one person at a time


When it first came out a few years ago, Tinder seemed like the absolute dream – an online store for the type of hotties you never saw in real life.

The rush of matching with a future bae was undeniable, like a little bump of serotonin – and it was addictive.

You’d get chatting to your matches and find out some were dry as hell, but it was fine because there were plenty more fish in the sea, and the sea was big and full to the brim with (seemingly) high quality sea life.

So you’d get chatting to some more and you’d meet a few of these ocean dwellers, some of whom you realised look nothing like their pictures (very different fins and gills to those advertised) and some of whom you may have ended up swapping er, oxygen bubbles with.

Which was fun. At first. Until you realised that actually, dating apps are festering pits of despair, which have made each and every one of us so disposable, as there are so many alternative options at our fingertips.

Don’t like the way he eats chips? Hate the way she says a certain word? Not sure you live near enough each other?

Bin them and find another. Hell, you don’t even have to tell them, you can ghost the hell out of them.

But what if there was another way? (And no, I don’t mean meeting someone in real life, don’t be stupid, it’s 2018.) What if there was an app where you can only match with one person at a time, and you’re accountable for your actions?

Say hi to the newest dating app to use up your data – Ditto.

Ditto dating app
How are you going to ruin Joe’s day? (Picture: Ditto)

With Ditto, you’re mutually exclusive with one match on the app, until one of you unmatches.

The makers hope the app will ‘bring some sincerity to a rather shallow culture while also encouraging a more straight forward conversation’ and they reckon it’s like taking the real world of dating and putting it into an app.

Which assumes that people only date one person at a time in real life which is just not true.

But anyway, what happens is this – you swipe through potential suitors until you get to one you like the sound of, swipe right and hope for the best.

Once you get a match, you’re both blocked from swiping other future baes.

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