David Beckham Made A Small Gesture At Gordon Ramsay’s Party Which Went A Very Long Way

It’s odd, but we’re infinitely interested in what celebrities do in the real world.

We see actors, athletes, musicians and so on all over the television and become enthralled by their extravagant lives, but often it’s them in normality that is more fascinating.

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So whenever an ‘insider’, a ‘source’, or someone who has just met a celebrity makes a revelation about them, it’s lapped up. For some reason this has never been the case more than with David Beckham.

He could go to McDonald’s, have a day out to Glastonbury, watch Game of Thrones, help an old woman in the street, or be seen sipping a cup of tea. It won’t matter, people will be made up that Becks is actually a ‘normal’ person.

It’s often a surprise to people too that Beckham is a gentleman. It’s assumed that because of his wealth and fame he might be an arsehole, but apparently he’s not.

Tash Pericic, who worked as an assistant manager at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred Maze Grill in London, has spoken about how nice the former footballer can be, the Mirrorreports.

The 42-year-old is a close friend of the chef, and is invited round to his house to various things. On this occasion he and Victoria where guests at Ramsay’s Christmas Eve dinner.

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The Scotsman, as you’d expect, was bit highly strung before proceedings while Pericic and others catered from the event.

“What the fuck do you call these chairs!? They’re so terrible I wouldn’t throw them on a fucking bonfire,” he allegedly said to them, she told Insider.

Eventually he mellowed out, offering them champagne, but as the guests arrived more focus was on Beckham. It was only something small that he did, but it went a long way.

Pericic says that Golden Balls made a point of going into the kitchen and personally introducing himself to all the staff.

“A small gesture, but it says a lot,” she says.

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Beckham and Ramsay recently put their friendship on the line when they went head-to-head in a cook off.

The pair, who have a pretty unpredictable bromance, faced off on The F Word, and it was about as competitive as you’d imagine. Both men decided to make a risotto in an attempt to win a pretty hefty-looking belt.

Naturally, Gordon was the favourite, but Becks was determined to give him a run for his money. He even tried to get in his head by telling him: “He’s not a chef anymore, he’s a TV host.”

As the pair carry on cooking, Becks jokingly tells the camera about the time Ramsay served undercooked fish to his missus, Victoria.

Gordon, on the other hand, uses his own preferred method of distraction: not shutting up. He does, however, compliment Becks by telling him he cooks like a pro. And he doesn’t tell him to ‘fuck off’ once, so he must be doing something right.

Former Manchester United star and England captain Becks makes an asparagus and corn risotto with a pea puree served on the red-rimmed plate (which he demanded to represent United), while chef Ramsay goes for a creamy crab risotto on a blue-rimmed dish.

Both are presented to judge Laila, who, after heaping plenty of praise on both risottos, chooses the blue plate.

Hard lines, Becks.

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