David Copperfield Responds To Assault Allegation

David Copperfield has responded to an allegation that he drugged and assaulted a model in 1988.

Brittney Lewis suggested the incident took place when she was 17 years old during a modelling competition.

The world’s highest paid magician released a statement on Instagram saying he supported the #MeToo movement.

Copperfield said he had been the victim of false allegations in 2007 and was now having to “weather another storm”.

He added, “I’ve lived with years of news reports about me being accused of fabricated, heinous acts, with few telling the story of the accuser getting arrested, and my innocence”.

Brittany Lewis made her claims in The Wrap, which also spoke to her best friend, husband, ex-husband and grandmother.

Lewis said she reported the incident to the FBI in 2007.

Copperfield’s statement about false accusations refers to an incident in 2007, when pageant winner Lacey Carroll accused him of inviting her to his home in the Bahamas and then sexually assaulted by her.

The Las Vegas performer, who earned $61.5m (£43.1m) last year, wrote: “Always listen, and consider everything carefully”.

“But please, for everyone’s sake, don’t rush to judgement.”

The case was investigated by the FBI, but was dropped in 2010 after Carroll was
arrested for allegedly falsely claiming she was assaulted by another person.

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