How To Delete Google’s Copy Of Everything You’ve Ever Browsed

Google goes beyond just a search engine as it also stores individual behaviour online including their browsing history. However, persons who are interested in keeping their businesses private may find this data collection to be disturbing hence the need to delete Google’s stored data of your browsing history.

How To Delete Google’s Copy Of Everything You’ve Ever Browsed

Independent reports that “Google could have a complete list of almost everything you’ve ever looked at.”

Deleting the archive of information Google has about your online activity could however be achieved in simple steps.

According to news source, Google’s “list will at least include every Google search you’ve ever done while signed in. But if you use Google Chrome, it will also include just about every website you’ve ever visited, all catalogued by date and time, and completely searchable.”

The report further claims that Google keeps the information partly for your own good in case you decide to call for it in the nearest future. However, the other part why Google keenly catalogues your online activities is to help it “use that information for its ads, learning what you’re into and what marketing is most likely to appeal.”

Users who feel bothered by this data collection can however turn off the feature using simple steps which involves accessing the “Activity Controls” then proceeding to the “Web & App Activity” section and deselecting it.

Independent further reported that “if users want to keep the majority of the feature but turn off Google’s ability to receive information from third party services, you can just make sure that “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services” is unticked.”

The “Activity Controls” page also allows internet and Google users to disable location tracking, contact and calendar storing, Google’s ability to record and store individual voice recordings, as well as the history of videos which have been searched and watched on YouTube.

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