Divers Baffled When They Come Across ‘Alien-Like’ Sea Creature

Some people are at one with the ocean. The mysterious peril that befalls sailors, divers, surfers and other aqua inclined folk doesn’t seem to be off putting, but rather more enthralling.

The thought of there being a deep void of nothingness, paired with the dangerous beasts that litter Earth’s waters is just another reason to love it.


Still, it’s pretty shit scary when they come across something mad that gets compared to an alien.

Divers came across what looked like a huge tube, which thins at each end, swimming in a circle. However, upon close inspection it’s clear to see that the object is actually made up of thousands of individual organisms.

The clip is pretty mesmerising, as well as freaky.

The creature is actually a pyrosome – otherwise known as a ‘sea pickle’ – which is a colony of thousands of individuals.

Weirdly, this sort of thing, discovering mad sea creatures, is a job for some people.

People like Roman Fedorstov, a Russian deep sea fisherman, who tweets all sorts of creatures he’s caught on his travels.

He works on a fishing trawler in Murmansk, Russia, according to The Moscow Times, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that some of his catches are from the set of Alien.

As freaky as it is, it’s very easy to find yourself scrolling through all of his images on Twitter, with each picture prompting the same question: What the fuck?

Very, very weird.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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