DJ Khaled’s Son, Asahd Has Probably Made More Money Than You In His 8 Months Of Existence

DJ Khaled’s son is Asahd Khaled. The newborn already has his own Instagram account with 1 million followers! He was born on October 23, 2016, and is now around 8 months old. His dad, DJ Khaled is both a music producer and a Snapchat superstar.

The baby is famously known for never crying or fussing in public. And if he is anything like his famous father then you already know he is balling!

Here are several tweets that show that Asahd Tuck Khaled is probably worth more money in 8 months of existence than most people.

Read more to find out.

Asahd’s name means ‘lion’ in Arabic. DJ Khaled has been sharing pictures of his son on social media since he was about 1 years old. Just look at how laid back he is in this picture.


Asahd has already met and been held by famous musicians such as Future and Nicki Minaj.


Asahd is famous for not crying and not creating any sort of a fuss whenever in public. Now I don’t know how ‘hard working’ this 8-month-old mogul is but I’m sure he doesn’t disrespect his mother (he can’t even talk yet!)


Asahd has probably traveled to more countries, met more celebrities and spent more money in his 8 months on this planet than most adults in a year.


As mentioned earlier, Asahd almost never cries. Despite being passed from celeb to celeb, he maintains a steady and professional composure. Except he did cry when he met Justin Bieber, and yes there is video evidence online.


As mentioned earlier, Asahd means ‘lion’ in Arabic. He’s also the lion of Wall Street. Look at his fresh suit along with that focused gaze!


It’s true: his Twitter and Instagram account have both been verified. The little guy has more followers than most people combined!


The matching suede blue suit, along with the throne and the lion cub next to him make this an album cover for the ages!


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