Document Reveals Adolf Hitler Had One Revolting Sexual Fetish

Adolf Hitler’s sex life is not something I ever thought I’d have to write about when I embarked on a career in words but here I am talking about one of the most murderous world leaders of all time and his wild sexual fetish.

The Nazi leader apparently used to like lying down while women shit all over him because he was a ‘coprophiliac’ – someone who gets turned on by the brown stuff. As if having a micro penis and one testicle wasn’t bad enough..

Wartime studies by a US intelligence agency found the Fuhrer had a great passion for ‘poo sex’ and that apparently he liked women squatting over him and relieving themselves of their mud babies.

According to the Mirror, American spy bosses wanted to know what revved Hitler’s engine and so delved into his personal life where they found all sorts of crap… literally, as it turned out.

Dr Walter C Langer produced the report, later turned into a book, called ‘A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler His Life And Legend’.

“The practice of this perversion represents the lowest depths of degradation.”

No shit.

Original article appeared on theladbible

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