Donald Trump Officially Nominated as Republican Presidential Candidate

New York businessman, Donald Trump, is officially the nominee for the Republican Party and will lead the GOP into the General Election.

Having claimed presumptive nominee status months ago, states at the Republicans Convention officially pledged enough delegates in favour of Trump.

After the chaos on the Convention floor on Monday when some states failed to change the Convention rules to allow delegates to vote their conscience. A roll call vote on Tuesday ensured that the Trump ticket received the requisite number of votes.

His son Donald Trump Jnr announced the delegate support from the family’s home state of New York, pushing his father over the number required to secure the nomination.

And while concerns remain that not all Republicans back the brash businessman from New York, party officials are working hard to present a unified front to face Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who is due to accept her party’s nomination in Philadelphia next week.

Trump will formally accept his Party’s nomination on Thursday.

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