Donald Trump Sparks Health Concerns After ‘Drinking Water Like A Child’

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It doesn’t take much for U.S President Donald Trump to get people talking about him, and the latest reason is an absolute doozy: a simple glass of water.

During a speech about his government’s national security strategy on Monday, Trump temporarily paused from speaking to quench his thirst with a sip of water. Fair enough – we’re all human and our frail bodies are up to 60 percent water anyway.

What’s got people talking is how he drank the water. The .gif of the incident below shows Trump grasping the glass with two hands and tilting it towards his lips:

It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? Of course, whatever Trump does is big news these days, so it was obvious that this unusual – if minor – quirk would grab people’s attention.

And lo and behold, the internet was quick to point out just how weird the little sip looked, dropping a few jokes in the bargain:

To be fair to Trump, his second sip of the glass later in the speech was a lot more normal as he picked up the glass in the usual way:

You might think that a strange method of drinking water is a bit of a daft reason for the Prez to make the headlines, particularly as some people think the reasons behind it may have been a little more bleak.

Last week, Trump began noticeably slurring his speech as he announced changes to America’s policy on Israel.

Some on social media have even begun to speculate that this, combined with Trump’s strange sipping movement, could be evidence of him having a degenerative disorder, such as dementia.

However, others have pointed out a certain irony behind the gaffe as Trump’s called others out for drinking water weirdly before.

In 2013, Trump criticised his fellow Republican Marco Rubio for his water-drinking technique as the Senator sneaked a sip of water while giving the party’s response to the then President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Trump then continued to use the incident against Rubio on the campaign trail when the two faced off in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

It might seem fair game to judge Trump for his own technique, but the idea that he’s actually seriously ill takes the fun and games out of it somewhat. Needless to say people will keep paying close attention to his behaviour.

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