Donald Trump wins Nevada caucus strengthening lead as Republican presidential nomination frontrunner

The billionaire businessman edged closer to the White House with a big win over rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump scored another victory in his disruptive and defiant campaign for the Republican nomination, winning the Nevada caucuses.

The billionaire businessman won by a wide margin over his GOP rivals, according to the projections of CNN and MSNBC.

Donald Trump Nevada

Trump held a huge lead over his rivals, albeit with just 5% of the precincts counted on Tuesday evening.

This was Trump’s third victory, following victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina by wide margins. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were expected to vie for second place.

ReutersDonald Trump Nevada
Delighted: Donald Trump supporters
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Mocking: Gil Mobley wears a Donald Trump costume while singing a song he wrote about him

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Trump does have a kind of home field advantage: His Trump International Hotel is located just off the Las Vegas strip.

At some caucus locations, there were reports of confusion and disorganization, or of ballots being handed to voters without IDs being checked.

But party officials said that there were no official reports of irregularities or violations.

SOURCE: Mirror

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