Did Drake Really Get A Lil Wayne Tattoo On His Arm? [See Photos]

Meanwhile, Canadian rapper Drake has a huge new tattoo on his left triceps and we’re convinced beyond any doubt that it’s Lil Wayne’s image.

While reports say he actually got it done well over five months ago while overseas, the award-winning rapper only took to social media two days ago to show off his new ink in a photo posted on Instagram. Though the 30-year-old hitmaker didn’t give out any details about the tattoo, looking at it closely makes us wonder – is that Lil Wayne or what?

Maybe this is his special way of paying homage to his mentor who believed in him and made him a star.

Notably, Lil Wayne played an integral part in the success we see in Drake’s career today. Some might even say there’d be no Drake without Lil Wayne as he’s the reason he got where he is today.

Lil Wayne gave Drake his first big break in 2009 when he signed him to his Young Money label and it’s been a highway to success ever since. The rappers never even liked each other until Lil Wayne heard Drake’s remix of A Milli and helped him get signed to Young Money Entertainment. Since then, the duo have maintained a close relationship, but we never knew just how close it was until now.

Drake had gotten tattoos of other musicians in the past. He used the act to pay homage to those who have influenced his music like Aaliyah and Sade. He also got a matching camouflage shark tattoo with Rihanna.

However, this tattoo of Lil Wayne failed to impress some of his 37.5 million followers. While he was branded “weird” by some, others wondered what was wrong with him.

Nevertheless, he got some thumbs up for paying homage to the guy that put him in the game and changed his life for good.

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