Drake And Rihanna Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of Each other On Stage!

0_optWe do not know about others but we’ve had a stomach full of this back and forth love or whatever affair between Drake and Rihanna.

Whilst Drake has kept to the stance that he had a fling with Riri which ended in a bitter and ugly heartbreak , Rihanna have always established just one known fact— “we are just friends “.

Of course they are just friends,have we not heard that before, funny enough we almost always end up f*cking this friend of ours. It is either Drake is delusional or Rihanna is not crazy enough to let the world in on what happens behind closed doors.

The couple performed together in Drake’s annual OVO summer fest and in Toronto, Canada and and their stage action reportedly left many fans horny—She travelled all the way to Toronto for him, that what friends are for after all.


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