Drake And Tory Lanez Finally End Their 7-Year Beef

Drake and Tory Lanez are back in each other’s good books.

Last night, the Toronto rappers shared their recent photos together, driving home the point that they put the past behind them, 7 years after their feud started.

“Toronto, I told you,” Lanez said in his post, but without giving details of the location where the photo was taken, or if they are making any music together.

The duo have been giving each other the cold shoulder after the drama in 2010, when a video of Lanez freestyling appeared on Youtube with the title, “Drake’s Lil Brother Tory Lanez Freestyle In The Room.” It stirred rumour that the duo may be related, but Lanez was not happy with the clip at all, because he released a video to clarify that he was not Drake’s little brother. Also, he challenged Drake to listen to his music and get $10,000. Drake ignored him.

All through the years, the duo gave each other the cold shoulder, but the feud became official early last year, when Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen”, which contains a line that said, “All you boys in Toronto want to be me a little”. Many people speculated Drake was targeting Lanez.

At first, Lanez said he would never, ever clap back, but he surfaced months later, dragging Drake in every interview. “Anybody standing in the way, whether or not it’s him…,it’s gotta go the way it’s gotta go,” he was once quoted.

The duo shot at each other through songs after Lanez remixed Drake’s ‘Controlla’. It took a long time coming, but the upset Tory Lanez and Drake have finally made peace.

For many people, it is a good sign. While others couldn’t help but drag Meek Mill into yesterday’s affair, some wonder if this peace is permanent.

See some of the reactions:

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