Dying To Take That Selfie- You May Want To See When A Selfie Becomes A Kill-fie


This new era of selfies is one in which every emotion has be carefully recorded and posted on social media. You tend to lose yourself in the midst of the frenzy. You could get carried away by peer pressure and the likes of that.

Dont get me wrong, clicking selfie is the best thing that happened to this age and generation. It is not a crime.Its a norm, but when you get so lost to the point of losing a life, then its becomes abnormal, at that point, there needs to be a check and balance. Hence this …

A new study – titled, “Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths” – found that 127 people have died in a 29-month span through last September while trying to get photos of themselves at dangerous or exotic locations. The overwhelming majority of the deaths compiled by researchers occurred in India, where 76 people died. In the United States, there were eight selfie-related deaths.

The most common factor behind the so-called “selfie deaths” – defined as a death of an individual or group that could have been avoided had the individual(s) not been taking a selfie – was a fall from an elevated location like buildings or mountains.

“After analyzing selfie deaths, we can claim that a dangerous selfie is the one which can potentially trigger any of the above-mentioned reasons for selfie deaths,” the study reads. “For instance, a selfie being taken on the peak of a mountain is dangerous as it exposes the selfie taker to the risk of falling down from a height.”

The study also found that selfies, billed as a “symbol of self-expression,” were not just deadly to the person snapping the picture. Of the 127 selfie-related deaths identified, 24 incidents involved multiple lives lost, according to the study.

The study also found that men are more prone to taking dangerous selfies, accounting for 76 percent of all deaths, despite women taking more selfies than men, according to the report. More than 70 percent of all victims were ages 24 or younger, which researchers noted is consistent with earlier findings that selfies are especially popular with millennials.

“Clicking selfies has become a symbol of self-expression and often people portray their adventurous side by uploading crazy selfies,” the study reads. “This has proven to be dangerous.

See Selfies turned Kill-fies….

1. Selfie and Facebook addiction together? Too fatal.

Selfie and Facebook addiction at the same time is very very dangerous. And Courtney Sandford was one such addict. She was posting a recently clicked selfie while driving when a truck hit her.

selfie accidents

2.This group of 47 students went to river Beas for a college trip and were washed away by the river while clicking a selfie.

selfie accidents

3. This 21 year old boy decided to click a selfie. Instead he accidentally shot himself while clicking the selfie. I think we know that we aren’t supposed to play around with guns don’t we?

selfie accidents

4. Bike Riding is all fun and games till you decide to click a selfie!

Fashion Girl and Soly Arena, Ramon Gonzalez was a famous rapper with many hits to her name. She was riding her bike and decided to click a selfie for her fans. Next thing we know is she’s dead. Probably lost control of the bike and selfie turned into a tragic death.

selfie accidents

5. Bridges always scare me, and now I’m scared even more!

Everybody clicks selfies on well known bridges, and each one of them wants a “out of reach” picture. This 17 year old teen Xenia Ignatyeva tried to do the same. She was trying to click a perfect selfie from a 28 feet high bridge and she slipped and fell to her death.

selfie accidents

Be careful. Watch where you stand to take selfies, never get carried away with the selfie frenzy.

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