Egyptian To Ride Bicycle From Egypt To Russia To Support His National Team In World Cup.

A man from Egypt name, Mohammed Nawfal commenced on Saturday a long trek to Russia to help his nation’s national group in the World Cup.

From Cairo’s al-Tahrir Square, Nawfal propelled his 5,000-kilometer, 65-day bike travel under the aphorism “World Cup on Pedal”.

This is the first trip of its kind from the Arab world and Africa.

Prior to his departure, Mohammed Nawfal’s father said: “I allow him to do whatever he wants, and I hope other parents will do the same thing, so that their children could benefit from new experiences and travels.”

“I hope the government will provide my son with a sponsor, attention and the necessary support.”

For his part, the Egyptian traveler told Asharq Al-Awsat: “I am so excited for this trip and even more excited to confront the surprises I will encounter.”

He delivered a message to all parents, urging them to allow their children to live life’s experiences on their own and to grant them the freedom to develop their own personality and rely on themselves.

“My family is the real hero in my journey,” he said.

“The idea to travel to Russia first occurred to me when I returned from a trip to Gabon last year, where I also supported the national team on by bicycle,” he revealed.

He said that he made up his mind to travel to Russia when Egypt qualified to the World Cup, which will take place in June.

Nawfal spent several months preparing for his trek.

“I came across several difficulties and managed to overcome them. The most important test was choosing a safe route for the journey,” he explained.

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