Ethics- 8 Etiquettes For A Good Office Training!!

Often, I wonder why things dont seem to go well in an office. I discovered its not due to issues we think are the causes. That lag basically could be, because of the breach of business ethics of an office. We need to apply our hearts to these pollutions. They need to be urgently addressed.

Little they seem, but they could affect the positive atmosphere of any workplace…

1. Knock First

This may sound elementary but I’m amazed at how some people don’t think twice about walking through a closed door without knocking first. Dont get too familliar not to knock on a closed door. It shows you respect privacy.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

If you haven’t been told this on the job yet, let me give you a revelation – no one baby-sits anyone in an office!  And there is no one assigned to clean up after you.  Be considerate of others and clean up your mess in the kitchen or lunchroom.

3. Maintain a Neat Desk

Maintaining a neat and orderly desk supports efficiency and productivity. It helps in prioritizing.

Take a few minutes at the end of every day to tidy up your desk and get reorganized.  Tomorrow, you’ll be happy you did

4. Arrive to Work on Time

Arriving to work on time is critical and can impact your long term employment.  Get in the habit of arriving 15 minutes early and see how impressed your boss will be. Managing one’s life starts from managing your time.

5. Give Others the Benefit-of-the-Doubt

Don’t make assumptions, or jump to conclusions. Sometimes things aren’t as they appear, making it important to give others the benefit-of-the-doubt. Take the time to gather all the facts before making a determination. Assumptions are sins anyways!

6. Leave a Room the Way You Found It

Always leave a room the same way you found it.  If you have a meeting in a conference room, clean up after the group, straighten the chairs and make sure the room is orderly and ready for the next person to use. Set an example

7. Pick Up Trash

Our work environment it is our home away from home.  If you see a piece of trash on the floor, take ownership and pick it up. Dont wait on the office cleaners all the time .

8. Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

A work environment is like being in a family.  Things happen.  But like your family, some things should not be discussed with anyone outside the family or the office.  Be sensitive to sharing negative things about your work.  It is just inappropriate, unprofessional and not a wise thing to do.

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