Ex-NBA Player Gilbert Arenas Calls Lupita Nyong’o Ugly After Fans Praise Her Beautiful Skin

Gilbert Arenas is body-shaming Lupita Nyong’o. Again.

The former Golden State Warrior took to Instagram to comment on a picture of Nyong’o at a Mexican beach. Most of the comments were celebrating her beauty, but Arenas compared her to an “ugly fat girl.”

“Everybody saying her (skin) looks beautiful. how about her face tho?? Lights off,” he wrote.

Then, in response to people who insisted that Nyong’o was beautiful, he wrote, “Y’all tag me like she got a face lift and she went from a 3 to a 10……nope she’s just a 3 in blue water with some blue blockers on.”

“This is no diff then a ugly girl with a fat a**,” he continued. “I’ll still beat but just with the lights off but she is glowing tho.”

This isn’t the first time that Arenas has shamed Nyong’o on his Instagram. In April, he went on a rant against black women, celebrating mixed race women instead. During that rant, he particularly called out Nyong’o, and though he later apologized, it looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson at all.


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