Facebook app keeps crashing as to the new update appears to be having problems on Android

Facebook isn’t working for some users as it should and the typical panic on mass has result to people can’t get on the app.
There has been a huge spike in Google searches for ‘Facebook keeps crashing’ and experts in the field Down Detector have recorded hundreds of outages since mid-morning on Thursday. They have been as specific as saying Facebook has been having issues since 11.36am on Thursday.
Whilst not yet confirmed, it appears the outages have coincided with a new update that has been pushed out from the Google Play Store to Android users. Can you survive without Facebook. This has resulted in some users seeing a message that the app had not loaded properly whilst others have not been able to open Facebook on their phone at all. This will have occurred without users realising as Android devices will regularly be set to auto-update on their software. Some users have reported reinstalling the app but that didn’t resolve the situation. Where for art thou Facey B?.
Other reports aids that Facebook Lite is working fine, so if you are desperate to get onto Facebook then download Facebook Lite. Otherwise, it will be a matter of waiting until the problem is fixed, or installing an older version of Facebook on your phone.

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