Facebook Messenger having technical issues as something went wrong and users aren’t happy

Facebook users app was down yesterday and now Messenger is not working properly either! Users across the world, but largely in Europe, have been complaining that Messenger is not opening as it should be with a message telling them that ‘something went wrong’.
The issues started to be noted at around 8am BST and have only got worse since then, with industry experts Down Detector registering hundreds of outages by 10am. Will it ever return? It is not clear where the issue has come from although Messenger did get a major update at the same time as Facebook yesterday, which is thought to have caused the issues with the app.
Some users are reporting different problems to others, with some messages not showing and other being unable to log in at all. Messenger have not commented on the outage on their Twitter account and we are awaiting comment on when the problem will be fixed.
Dave Anderson, digital performance expert, Dynatrace, said: ‘The outage that Facebook users are experiencing today is just another example of how difficult it’s becoming to keep the world’s software working perfectly. ‘It’s hard for consumers to understand or even care about the complexity involved in delivering a constant flow of app improvements – but more often than not, problems like these are caused by some sort of software update, as appears to have been the case this time. ‘The reality is that developing apps for the hundreds of variations in devices and operating systems is a continuous, never-ending cycle of release, monitor, fix, repeat, and this process is becoming harder to manage.

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