Father And Son Get Married After Dating For 46 Years

Nino Esposito, 79, and his partner Roland Bosee, 69, were dating for 46 years. Two gay men who lived four years as a father and son will now finally be allowed to tie the knot.

The duo were denied to marry each other but love has no boundaries and they managed to find a loophole in the law.

Father and son allowed to marry in USA (photos)

They have been together for 46 years

As at the time of their romance same-sex marriage hadn’t yet been legalised in the US, Nino adopted his lover — common practice among same-sex couples.

However, the duo didn’t give up on their dream to get married one day. Four years later their dream came true.

A Pennsylvania Superior Court has recently ruled that the loving couple can cancel the adoption and have a wedding.

Father and son allowed to marry in USA (photos)

Esposito and Bosee (right) on the day of their adoption in July 2012

Judge Susan Peikes Gantman commented on the precedent: “Pennsylvania law regarding same sex marriage changed.

Same-sex couples in this Commonwealth may now exercise their fundamental right to marry.”

Nino and Roland said they were ‘relieved’, and are grateful for the ‘wonderful Christmas gift’.

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In the USA, same-sex marriage has been legal in all states since June 26, 2015.

By the time that same-sex marriage became legal nationally, public opinion on the subject had reached almost 60% approval levels, according to various polls.

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