First Date Tips: 8 Worst Foods to Eat on a First Date

It’s a first date nightmare. You’re deep into some intelligent conversation, desperate to impress with your intelligence and wit, while he’s completely captivated, not by your natural beauty and friendly personality, but by that fascinating blob of tomato sauce bobbing up and down on the side of your mouth.

Whoops! That date could have gone better. Eating is a potential minefield on a first date but you don’t want to starve in the cause of love, so here are some first date tips on foods to be avoided:

1. Soup

If you get a choice between soup and salad, always go for the salad. Salads are dainty and can be eaten with panache, but with soup, you run the risk of an unexpected slurp or even a dribble or two.

2. Garlic

If you want to ensure that the night will end in nothing more than a polite handshake, then eating garlic is fine. Otherwise, steer clear of garlic bread, garlic shrimps and anything else with a lot of garlic in it. The smell lingers for a long time and if your date takes the no-garlic option, boy, will they smell that garlic on your breath later or even the next morning…

3. Veal

You’ve only just met this guy and you know very little about him yet. You don’t want to be half way through your veal when you discover that he’s an animal rights fanatic and into organic farming!

4. Spaghetti

There’s no real way to eat spaghetti with elegance and noisily sucking up those strands is just not going to look cute like it did in The Lady and Tramp. Even the world’s most accomplished spaghetti eaters seem to end up sucking up the last strand or two.

5. Oysters

Oysters are supposed to be a stamina boosting food, but slurping a crustacean from its shell while it’s still alive, really isn’t appealing and, if you really don’t like that idea yourself, it can be quite stomach churning to watch someone else do it.

6. Chicken wings and ribs

Nothing that is sticky, that you eat with your hands and you have to gnaw at with your teeth to get the best bits of meat from the bone is going to make you look more beautiful and attractive to your date. You’ll look like a hungry beaver gnawing on a stick!

7. Fully loaded burgers

One would hope that you’ve gone a bit more up-market, than a burger bar for your first date anyway, but eating a fully loaded burger without leaving some embarrassing residue somewhere is next to impossible. You’re either going to leave a nice smear of ketchup and mayonnaise around the sides of your mouth or worse, that last tomato is going to slip out the bun at the back and slide its way all down your top.

8. Really spicy food

If you are going for Mexican, Thai or other spicy food, then always choose the mild option. You don’t want to be remembered for your beetroot red face, the beads of sweat that appeared alarmingly on your forehead followed by the rather unsightly and somewhat off-putting dribble that came from your nose.

First date food is a problem, but equally worth thinking about on the second, third and fourth. You want to leave an impression with him not a stain on your clothes.

I hope you find these first date tips and dating advice useful.

Another important question would be “what to wear on a first date?”…well, let’s talk about this later…in another article…

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