Floyd Mayweather Is Really Pissed That Justin Bieber Unfollowed Him On Instagram

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather have been buddies for some time, with the Canadian pop star regularly seen close to the ring during the boxer’s epic bouts. But those bromance days appear to be over after Bieber reportedly unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram.


Look, it’s 2017 and if you unfollow someone on social media, it means a lot.

According to TMZ, Justin has been trying to clean up his image and the people who influence his life, and it appears Floyd is on the out. The website adds that it’s been the people at Hillsong Church who have been mentoring Bieber on who stays and who goes.

While an unfollow on Instagram seems pretty clear cut, Justin is reportedly ‘resetting boundaries’ with the former world champion boxer.

But if you thought that Mayweather took the move on the chin and worried about this weekend’s epic bout with Conor McGregor, you’d be wrong. Apparently, the 49-0 boxer when ‘nuclear’ and even went as far as calling Bieber a ‘traitor’.

Some fans have highlighted the fact that Mayweather stuck by Bieber’s side during his ‘bad boy’ days.

Hillsong has reportedly noticed Mayweather ‘obsession with strip clubs’, which they don’t want Bieber to be associated with. The boxer’s Instagram account is peppered with references to strip clubs, as well as his overt promotion of his gentleman’s club Girls Collection.

But Mayweather has another reason to be pissed off at Bieber: the singer doesn’t even think the boxer will knock out Conor McGregor this weekend. Justin was approached by a TMZ photographer last week and asked about the church, his music and the upcoming fight.

Even though he agreed that he was Team Mayweather, he didn’t think he’d land a punch that would KO the Irish MMA fighter.

McGregor’s latest post suggests he thinks he’ll be the one to knock out Mayweather on Saturday night in Las Vegas. But only time will tell before the winner is crowned and the trash talk can finally be silenced.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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