I Gave Rob Kardashian Back The Lamborghini And Ferrari Because They Were Leased – Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is clearing the air about why she returned the Ferrari and Lamborghini Rob Kardashian gave her. She wants everyone to know that they were BOTH leased — as is the Range Rover she gave Rob.

via TMZ:

We broke the story … Chyna and Rob met at a Century City office building to try and hash out their custody dispute, Rob called the valet to get the Rover but stayed back until Chyna left.

Two witnesses tell us, Chyna went on a rant and tried getting in the Range Rover to drive it away. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told TMZ, her client was pissed because Rob had given her a Lambo and a Ferrari and she gave them back to him, yet she gave him the Range Rover and he kept it. Bloom also says Chyna had some choice words when she saw the Rover but never tried getting in.

We’ve just learned … all three vehicles were LEASED! So, when Chyna gave Rob back the Lambo and Ferrari, she washed her hands of any lease payments. We’re also told the Ranger Rover was leased and Rob is making the payments.

Wow … if they’re fighting over this, good luck settling the custody case.

We’re still a little confused. If Chyna gave back the leased cars and isn’t making payments, and Rob is making payments on the Range Rover she gave him — why is she upset? Does she want to make the payments herself?

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