German Police Sue American For Calling Them ‘Nazis’


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An angry American traveler found herself plunged into German legal waters this month after allegedly calling federal police officers “Nazis” during a dispute at Frankfurt International Airport.

Police say the woman, a 49-year-old professor, became “unreasonable and irritated” when they told her she had too many liquids in her carry-on during a screening for explosives.

The issue of too many liquids morphed quickly — by her own account – into a tail-chasing argument over her deodorant:  They insisted it must go; she claimed that made no sense since it was a solid.

It was approximately at this point that police allege she called them “f–ing bastards” and “f–ing German Nazi police.” But she says she never called the police “Nazis.” What they heard was her wondering why she caught flack instead of the “Nazi-looking dude” with a “Hitler’s youth haircut” in line behind her.

The result of the altercation: preliminary criminal proceedings against the woman on suspicion of slander, plus a $260-bill (€207) upfront for any subsequent legal expenses. Days later, her case got worse when she published an incendiary 4,000-word tirade about the incident in the Huffington Post.

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