Germans Reveal Why They Love UK

Admit it, times have been hard for the UK recently. First, the result of the EU membership referendum left many – even among the winning side – in shock. The value of the pound plummeted and the prime minister announced his intention to quit. Then underdogs Iceland kicked England out of Euro 2016 in humiliating style.

So German paper Zeit Online decided it needed to cheer the Brits up a bit and show they were still appreciated. The best way to do this it decided was to ask its readers to list things they like about the UK.

Initial tweetImage copyrightTWITTER/ZEITONLINE
Image captionCandystorm for Great Britain

And did they respond! The hashtag #WeLoveUKBecause quickly started trending in Germany. Thousands of people used it, confirming their affection for the island nation.

Apparently, the German are true lovers of many things British, as they have demonstrated with their tweets. A variety of aspects of British life were mentioned, from culture to sport to food and weather.

Of course, there was tea. “You can make cups of tea like no one else and it is the answer to every single problem!” one person tweeted.

Tea tweetImage copyrightTWITTER/MIRAGEWORKSART
Image captionWe love you no matter what.

“#WeLoveUKBecause of Doctor Who, breakfast, very friendly people everytime, black humor, lovely landscape and – yes, the weather!” another user tweeted. Others said “your #pubculture is unique”.

Muppet Show tweetImage copyrightTWITTER/SWU_DE
Image captionSome fans knew exactly why they love the UK


“Music, TV and film wouldn’t be the same without all your talent and your dry, dark humour,” one tweet said. And they weren’t alone. Many expressed their fondness for Monty Python and Sherlock. And some Germans clearly have an abiding admiration for the late great Margaret Rutherford, the original big screen Miss Marple.

Tweet of photo of Margaret RutherfordImage copyrightTWITTER/@SHERLOCK_DE

And what could be more British than queuing.

A queueImage copyrightTWITTER/BUSSI72
Image captionAnd of course, British queues

That tweet wasn’t the only mention of British food. “#WeLoveUKBecause whoever survives such breakfast habits and such weather apparently owns [an] adorably viable set of genes,” one said.

Food tweetImage copyrightTWITTER/ELLA_4619
Image captionYorkshire rocks!
Fish&chips tweetImage copyrightTWITTER/OEDYSTOPIA
Image captionThe staple, of course!

Many also pointed out the general friendliness of the nation. “Strangers call you ‘love’ or ‘darling’ and somehow that feels really nice,” a user said.

And beautiful landscapes were also mentioned.

“Some of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. The Highlands, Edinburgh, Beachy Head, multiple beautiful towns & villages.”

Tweet admiring the London landscapeImage copyrightTWITTER/@ISABELLA23

It was all going so well. But there’s always at least one.

TweetImage copyrightTWITTER/@ODEGOLTH

But all in all, if you are British and you have had a bad week, don’t feel sad! There are people out there who love you!



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