How To Get Digital Radio In Your Car

Get DAB radio in your car in under 30 minutes

With the nation’s television channels completely digitised, the government is now working hard to turn the UK’s airwaves digital. While Norway has beaten us to the punch by going completely digital, most new cars in the UK now have DAB as standard. But what about us with older cars that are stuck with FM and the limitations of an analogue signal?

Well, there are a number of options. For instance, Halfords is currently doing decent business in installing DAB radio in your car for as little as £30. The RAC is also offering a service, as well as other independent retailers.

But, as we found out, it’s actually quite simple to install your own DAB radio in your car. To do this, we used one of the more popular DIY kits – the Pure Highway 400. Of course there are other DAB radio adaptors available. Other kits put there include the AutoDAB’s SmartDAB, the EasyDab DB1 and the Sonichi S100.

All of these kits are DAB adaptors, making use of separate antennas. These are by far the easiest to install – here’s how we did it.

Total installation time: under 30 minutes

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