Girl Faces Threat After Confronting A Neo-Nazi Group – Police Get Involved

The Czech Interior Ministry says that the police has taken up the responsibility to ensure the security of Lucie Myslikova, a Girl Scout after a photo revealing her confronting a a neo-Nazi group went viral

The ministry’s Center Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats says the move was prompted by threats against 16-year-old student, Lucie Myslikova, that appeared on Facebook. No details were given.

The teenager was among about 300 protesters who confronted a rally of the far-right Workers Party of Social Justice on May Day in the second-largest city of Brno.

At one point, she was captured in a photo facing one of about 150 supporters of the fringe party.

Myslikova said on Sunday that she was worried by the threats of violence and appreciated the move taken by police.

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