Girl Meets Obama After Crying Over His Departure

Presidential elections can bring out the emotion in almost anyone. But for first grader Kameria, learning of president Barack Obama’s soon departure from the White House was just too much.

Her grandmother, Caprina Harris, posed a video of her meltdown on Facebook last month that shows Kameria hysterically crying when she learns Obama’s last term is coming to an end.

Kameria, who shares a birthday with the president, decided she wanted to write the president a letter in which she told him, “I don’t want you to leave the White House. I want to meet you before you leave the White House.”

Her wish came true earlier this week. In a video posted to Instagram, the White House shows Kameria’s initial meltdown, followed by a reading of the letter, and finally, that special meeting with Obama himself with big hugs for all.

In the video, the president and first lady pose for a picture with Kameria and her family, and she tells him she is working hard in school. Obama responds with, “You’ve got to be a reader now.”


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