Google the word idiot and you’ll now be shown pictures of Donald Trump

When you’ve finished this article, shared it with all your friends and followed the writer on Twitter, we’d advise you to do one thing. Go to Google, type in the world ‘idiot’ and you’ll be shown lovely pictures of Donald Trump.
It’s believed the link between idiot and Trump was sparked by a Reddit post which contained an image of The Donald and the word ‘idiot’. and was continually upvoted to make it look more popular. I’m literally a president, you idiot.
Once this was upvoted and links were published to other sites, Google’s algorithm began to link the two and show the President’s fizzog whenever someone searched for ‘idiot’. It’s also believed the link between protests against Trump’s visit and the Green Day song American Idiot may have fooled Google – as will articles like this one and others written about the story.
This is similar to ‘Google Bombing’ in which a page is made to rank highly in search results by publishing lots of links on other websites.

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