Goose Wearing A Red Thong Found By RSPCA

Goose wearing a red thong found by RSPCA
Silly goose

A goose tried slipping into something more comfortable when it found this skimpy red thong.

But the bird ended up getting trapped in the tiny piece of underwear, and could have been injured had it not been rescued by RSPCA officers.

Deputy chief inspector Anthony Pulfer and animal collection officer Abbie Fright found the animal at Prickend Pond in Chislehurst, south east London.

The thong had randomly been ditched, leading the goose to find it and causing it to be wrapped around the bird’s body and feet.

DCI Pulfer said: ‘In my 15 years as an RSPCA inspector this is the first time I have ever had to rescue an animal caught in a thong.

Goose wearing a red thong found by RSPCA

Dispose of your thongs sensibly, people

‘As the goose was on land my colleague Abbie was able to catch them quickly and we were able to remove the thong which was tangled around their leg and body.

‘It’s pretty pants what has happened to them and someone has been a bit of a bird brain to have left a thong lying around.

‘While although the bird did have a slight case of angel wing, luckily they didn’t have any serious injuries as a result of getting caught.

‘But it would have only been a matter of time before the thong would have started cutting into their skin, and this is just another example of how poorly discarded litter can be a real hazard for wildlife.

‘People must discard of their rubbish safely no matter what it is.’

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